Guard Dog Moly Lubricants, Inc. manufactures and specializes in products for consumers with moly [molybdenum disulfide (MoS2)]. We make additives with moly for motor oil and gear oil, moly treatments for hypoid oil in final drives and transmissions of motorcycles, moly treatments for mineral oil and for synthetic oil. We make moly grease and paste for splines, swing arms, and U-joints of motorcycles. Also, in our line is a grease for firearms, a moly oil for firearms (that can be used for general use, too) and a household oil without moly (to preclude stains on moly when used). For home and office use, we have a synthetic oil without moly.

Guard Dog’s Facility

About Our Products:
Our products contain raw materials from U.S. companies that are considered quality leaders in the fields of their specialties. Two products contain a small percentage of imported material from a foreign company that is also considered a leader in its industry.

We craft our products in small batches — all by hand blended in perfect balance. Each raw material is carefully measured in (by weight) and recorded at each step. A record of the products are maintained (called “batch” numbers) you will find on the bottoms of the containers. Should a question arise about a product, we can identify the batch and who made it.

Research & Development:
We have an on-going program of research and development. Our president attends the annual meeting of the society for our industry, the Society of Tribologist and Lubrication Engineers. We receive three monthly publications for the lubrication industry. Close communications are maintained with personnel of the companies that supply our raw materials.

Products are tested for performance. Treatments are tested in commercially available oils. Greases are tested for the intended application. Results are stated on the Technical Data Sheets for each product.

Online Ordering:
Products are available in sizes of containers from 2 fl oz to a gallon. We accept payment by mail, credit cards and Pay Pal.

Please contact us by telephone, email, fax, or post for detailed information.