GD-525 Moly Grease


GD-525 Moly Grease is a synthetic, high temperature grease designed for all types of shaft splines. For motorcycles, use it also to lubricate u-joints, swing arms, starter drive gears, bushings, pins, cable barrels, levers, etc. For industry, GD-525 is a general purpose EP machinery grease, and a grease for the “fifth wheel” and king pin on tractors. For consumers, greasing the ball of a trailer hitch. (GD-525 is not a lubricant for wheel bearings and chains.)

GD-525 is compatible with elastomers (seals, o-rings, etc.)

The properties of GD-525 make it an excellent lubricant for action points of firearms.


GD-525 Moly Grease provides uniform and durable boundary lubrication under extreme pressure to prevent wear of the two mating steel surfaces over a wide temperature range. With a high dropping point, it will not run off from heat. It is adhesive to prevent wash out and sling off. Moly is a solid film lubricant with a low coefficient of friction and an affinity for steel. The moly decreases friction of the two counter-moving sliding surfaces by filling in microscopic pores of the metal surfaces and plating out over the surfaces. The fluid component of GD-525 is a blend of synthetic hydrocarbon base stocks, commonly called “synthetic oil“ (Groups IV & V). Hydro processed mineral oil or a mineral/synthetic oil blend is not used. The synthetic oil in the grease has a higher tolerance for heat than mineral oil, which means GD-525 resists oxidation and evaporation; the synthetic oil creates a stronger film of lubricant than mineral oil. In combination, the components of GD-525 provide exceptional capability to reduce friction and wear over a long period of time.

Typical Observations

NLGI Grade, ASTM D 217 No. 2 - 1/2
  Penetration 256
Gel Inorganic
Dropping Point, ASTM D 2265 Above +585ºF (+308ºC)
Fluid Synthetic
  Viscosity Index D 2270 139
  Pour Point, °C ASTM D 97 -18°C (0°F)
  Flash Point, Cleveland Open Cup, ASTM D 92 238°C (460°F)


Brand A Brand B Brand C Brand D
02.8 55.4 43.8 98.5
56.3 --- --- ---
0.38 --- --- ---
69.66 --- --- ---
Fretting Wear, mg, ASTM D 4170 0.6 *
Water Spray Off, %, ASTM D 4049

6.3 *
Evaporation Loss, % ASTM D 972 0.23*
  24 hrs @ +200ºF (+93ºC)  
Oil Seperation, % ASTM D 4425 43.10*
  6 hrs @ +122ºF (+50°C)  


Molybdenum Disulfide, % 30



NLGI: National  Lubricating Grease Institute
ASTM: American Society for Testing Materials
* The lower number is better for all tests

How To Use

For splines, clean off old lubricant with a solvent. Let dry. Burnish (“rub”) GD-525 on and in the metal surfaces with a clean, lint-free cloth. Leave a thin coating of grease on the surface. Work it into the crevices of u-joints and other mechanical components. Also, leave a thin coating of grease on the surfaces.

Warranty and Safety
Guard Dog warrants GD-525 to conform to published typical observations. GD-525 is safe to use when normal precautions are taken, as with any lubricating product. A Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.

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